U-pick and ready-picked blueberries.

6 Varieties

Earliblues • Bluecrop • Blueray • Berkley • Herberts • Coville

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Folk’s the 2020 blueberry picking season is upon us. We will be opening up on Tuesday July 7th for the picking of our early blue variety.

As for our preparation for Covid 19 the following are a number of different things we will be doing and some things we hope you will be patient with us on.

1)      In past years we have supplied belts to carry the buckets on. This year we will not be supplying them as over the course of a day they change hands many times and will be impossible to keep clean. We are asking you to bring your own belt if you need one.

2)      Our bucket supply and weighing of customer buckets will be moving outside of the berry hut to a separate station.

3)      We will be adding an additional checkout station outside the hut to use during busy periods along with the one we use historically inside the hut. We do ask that you reduce the number of people at the checkout station to a minimum.

4)      We will be setting up a hand washing station outside as well as having multiple bottles of hand  sanitizer available.

5)      This goes without saying but we do need to respect social distancing.

We will be holding our u-pick pricing to that of the past 5 years at $1.65 per lb but will be raising our pre-picked price to $3.50 per lb.

We look forward to seeing you this year at Fishers Blueberry Farm


– The Millers


Opening up on Tuesday July 7th, 2020

Monday – Friday  8am-8pm

Saturday 8am – 7pm

Closed Sundays


4532 N. Steel Road (between Hemlock and Merrill).

4-1/2 miles N from Gratiot. Or 1/2 mile from Tittabawassee Road on Steel Road

Berry Prices

U-pick: $1.65 per lb

Pre Picked: $3.50 per lb